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Age calculator : can determine the age or interval between two dates. The calculated age will be expressed in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. A person’s age can be calculated in different ways in different cultures. This calculator is based on the most common age system. In this system, age increases on birthday. For example, a person who lives for 3 years and 11 months is 3 years old and will be 4 years old on his next birthday one month later.

Most western countries use this age system. In some cultures, age is expressed by counting years with or without the current year. For example, a person who is twenty years old is the same person who is in his twenty-first year of life. In one of the traditional Chinese age systems, people are born at the age of 1 and the age increases on the traditional Chinese New Year instead of birthdays. For example, if a child is born one day before the traditional Chinese New Year, then 2 days later the child will be 2 years old, even if it is only 2 days old. In some situations, the results of months and days of this age calculator can be confusing, especially when the start date is the end of the month. For example, we all count February 20 to March 20 as a month.

However, there are two ways to calculate age from February 28, 2015 to March 31, 2015. If we consider February 28 to March 28, 2015 as one month, the result is one month and 3 days. If we consider both February 28 and March 31 as month ends, the result is one month. Both calculation results are reasonable. Similar conditions exist for April 30 to May 31, May 30 to June 30 etc. The confusion comes from the unequal number of days in different months. In our calculations, we used the previous method.

Age Calculator


The app is a free and lightweight, fast and easy-to-use app to calculate your chronological age and find the total years, months, days, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds between two dates, it provides helpful information about date and time guidelines. . For over 1000 years; And it will also give you expert knowledge and point you in the right direction to plan for the future. The app provides a very simple user interface that easily calculates your age and birthday, and you can add as many family and friends birthdays and important days as you need, which is useful for keeping track and also for finding date differences. . Two dates like wedding anniversaries, work anniversaries, events etc…

Features on Age Calculator App include:

✓ Age Calculator lets you find age in hours, minutes and seconds and is also used as a date calculator ✓ Age Calculator provides an option to calculate dates earlier than 1900 for those interested in using it for research purposes. If you want before 1900 type year manually after selecting the date ✓ This app supports multiple date formats and also supports 24 hours and 12 hours time format ✓ Our platform supports multiple languages and multi-color themes ✓ Your Share calculation results as screenshots with others..

Types of share options ✓ Add birthdays and anniversaries of family and friends on the go and get notifications ✓ Sort family and friends data by age, name, event name, birth date, day of the week, month and upcoming birthdays ✓ Back up family and friends data to your device And restore it when you need or when you switch to a new device ✓ Calculate your exact age and also find the next 10 week days of your birthday

✓ How many months and days are left for your next birthday just by clicking on the calculate button Find it ✓ Perform daily date arithmetic operations like addition/subtraction ✓ Find the number of working and non-working days between dates ✓ Add/subtract days/month/year from a date ✓ Check whether a given year is a leap year or not and find the next leap year The year will also be found ✓ This app shows the current time zone of your device ✓ This is a great tool for anyone interested in date calculation.

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Please do not leave negative feedback! Instead, please contact us @ and we will do our best to solve your problems and appreciate all the support that makes this app even more successful! Thank you! This application provides an easy to use user interface. Just select your date of birth age calculator provides your total age and next birthday next birthday. Age Calculator is one of the best age calculation apps.

If you know your total age how years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds etc. This age calculator is best for you. Date + Day Calculator : This calculator provides your; The day and dates you need after or for.

It is simple and easy to use. Just select the day number that’s how your result is. Add Member Date of Birth : Here you save the date of your family member

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