Battery Pump Sahay Yojana 2023: Battery Pump Sahay Yojana, Farmers will get 10,000/-

Battery Pump Sahay Yojana 2023: Find out about Gujarat’s Battery Pump Sahay Yojana 2023, a scheme that provides subsidies for power-operated knapsacks and Taiwanese pumps. Learn about the eligibility, benefits and how to apply for this agricultural assistance.

In pursuit of comprehensive farmer development, the Government of Gujarat has introduced the Battery Pump Sahay Yojana, which aims to revolutionize agricultural practices. This article studies the Battery Pump Assistance Scheme, highlighting its importance, eligibility criteria and application process.

Battery Pump Sahay Yojana 2023

Name of the scheme Power driven pump assistance scheme
Scheme Name Battery Operated Spray Pump yojana 2022
Beneficiary Farmers of Gujarat State
Amount of assistance eligible Subsidy upto Rs.10,000/- to farmer and assistance of Rs.8000/- to all other beneficiaries
purpose Subsidy on purchase of drug spraying pumps for farmers for crop protection

Understand the objectives of the Battery Pump Assistance Scheme

The primary objective of the Battery Pump Assistance Scheme is to combat harmful pests and diseases that threaten the health of the crop. By subsidizing advanced spraying equipment, the scheme empowers farmers to reduce the adverse effects of pests and diseases. This results in increased crop quality, higher yield and sustainable agricultural practices.

Crop protection and increase productivity

Pest and disease management is important to protect agricultural yields. The battery pump assistance scheme is designed to equip farmers with power-operated knapsacks and Taiwan pumps, facilitating efficient and accurate pesticide application. This proactive approach to crop protection helps maintain crop health and increase overall productivity.

Eligibility criteria for the beneficiaries

Battery Pump Sahay Yojana is available only to farmers residing in Gujarat. This ensures that the local agricultural communities benefit from the scheme’s provisions, promoting region-specific agricultural growth.

Farmers across the spectrum, including small, marginal and large-scale farmers, can avail the rewards of Battery Pump Assistance Scheme. This inclusive approach reflects the plan’s commitment to drive equitable agricultural development.

How to Apply for Battery Pump Sahay Yojana

To avail the benefits of Battery Pump Assistance Scheme, farmers must apply through the ikhedut portal. The online application process ensures ease of access to the scheme, allowing farmers to apply from the comfort of their homes.

  • Begin by typing ‘’ in your favorite search engine.
  • Navigate to the official website and click on the “Plans” section.
  • Select “Khetivadi Ni Yojana” from the list of plans.
  • Explore the range of plans and select “Crop Protection Equipment – Power Operated” at rank number 18.
  • Review the details of the scheme and click on “Apply” to start the application process.
  • Fill the application form accurately and save your progress.
  • Check the details and confirm your application, as corrections are not possible after confirmation.
  • Print your application for future reference.


By adopting the Battery Pump Assistance Scheme, Gujarat’s agricultural landscape evolves towards sustainability, efficiency and higher productivity. This innovative initiative not only protects crops but also enables farmers to face challenges. As the Battery Pump Assistance Scheme continues to empower farmers, Gujarat’s agriculture sector is poised for a prosperous future.

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FAQs – Battery Pump Support Scheme

What is the Battery Pump Assistance Plan?

Battery Pump Sahay Yojana is a scheme introduced by the Government of Gujarat to provide subsidy for power-operated knapsacks and Taiwan pumps for crop protection.

Is this plan only available online?

Yes, the scheme is accessible through the ikhedut portal, which allows farmers to apply for subsidies and benefits online.

What is the long term impact of the Battery Pump Assistance Scheme?

Battery Pump Sahay Yojana aims to create a lasting impact by promoting advanced agricultural practices, promoting crop protection and enhancing the overall well-being of the farming community in Gujarat.

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