Best Mobile Insurance 2023 Damage, Theft and Screen Protection in India

Best Mobile Insurance 2023: In the era of digitalization, mobile phones have taken place in the common life of human beings. Hardly anything can change that. People are now not only managing each other’s well-being but also running large business industries through the medium of mobiles. In the age of mobiles, you need your friends less and less. Now all your work will be done from mobile.

Many times we buy mobiles costing more than our savings. But nowadays there are many thieves. Because of this, cases of mobile phones being taken away are often heard. And we see expensive phones being stolen day by day by mischievous elements. or carried. It puts a lot of burden on your pocket.


ACKO Mobile Insurance

Mobile Insurance Friends, today we will talk about ACKO .ACKO gives you the convenience of getting insurance on your phone. All types of insurance are provided by ACKO Company.

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ACKO Mobile Insurance – Type

> Liquid damage:

  • If your mobile falls into water then under this. Or it gets spoiled by falling into oil etc. Either the company will give you a new mobile or it will repair your mobile.

> Physical damage:

  • Under this, if your mobile falls from you or breaks in an accident, the insurance company will give you a new mobile, if your mobile is in a repairable condition, the company will repair it.

> Warranty cover :

  • Even if your mobile is under warranty, the company will give you cover for it.

ACKO Mobile Insurance – ACKO Mobile Insurance Amazon

> Friends, now you must be thinking how to buy ACKO So let us tell you that this mobile insurance is only available on new phones. Ako is not provided for any old phone.

> Another condition is that this is only for mobile phones purchased from Amazon. That means you have to buy from Amazon. You have to buy a new phone from the company, only then you can buy this insurance.

> To buy mobile insurance first you need to go to or amazon app.
Now select your favorite phone. What do you want to buy?

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How is ACKO claim process?

> It is easy, hassle-free and stress-free to file a mobile claim at ACKO. Simply log on to or download the mobile app and click on “Claim Now” on your policy card to register your claim. We’ll take care of the rest!

What is ACKO customer care number ?
> ACKO customer care number 18002662256

> Disclaimer – What is ACKO Mobile Insurance

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What is the website of ACKO Mobile Insurance?

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