Biggest good news for teachers in Gujarat, Education Minister made this announcement

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Biggest good news for teachers in Gujarat

Primary school teachers in the state will receive important news regarding the latest decision of the Education Department. This decision has been taken for the benefit of government primary school teachers.

There is some significant news about primary school teachers in the state education sector. They have made a significant decision in their favor. As per the latest update, the primary teachers are going to face the transfer camp in two phases. The first phase will be held from June 2 to July 1. Education Minister Kuber Dindor has officially announced the launch of this transfer camp, calling it an important development.

A big decision by the Education Department in the interest of primary school teachers

The state has implemented new primary teacher transfer rules, and the first phase of inter-district transfers has been announced. After a long controversy, recent changes have been instituted regarding the transfer of teachers, which has led to the announcement of the start of district internal transfer camps under the new guidelines. After two years of continuous efforts, the teacher transfer policies have finally been changed.

In April 2022, the government’s reform resolution faced objections and resistance from teachers. More than 250 petitions were filed in the High Court by teachers opposing the decision. As a result, the recruitment process at Badli Camp Mokuf was temporarily halted. In addition, the teachers’ union held six meetings with government officials to discuss the transfer of teachers.


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