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business ideas for students in India: Hello friends, welcome to another new post, today I am going to tell you about such top five business ideas, which you will be surprised to know, in the coming times there will be a lot of demand for these people. Yes, their income will also increase every day to every month, so let’s know what are the ways by which you can earn while sitting at home, let’s start. I am your friend PRATAP BHURIYA and you are studying.

What is BUSINESS? business ideas for students

Friends, everyone wants to do business, but do you know what is this business, why do we do business? After all, what is the reason that everyone wants to do business after leaving the job? Let’s take a look at them so that we can know what is business. “The service by which an income is generated or money can be earned is called business.” What types of business can be there?

Today we will know about some good offers for new types of BUSINESS which will be very DEMAND in the coming future. If you want to learn any of these courses then tell us. We will make that arrangement for you too, so let’s know what are the ways which will not let your lack of employment in the coming future, stay with us and yes last I will tell you on which TOPIC there are chances to earn more money. So it is okay to read the post till the last.



Whenever it comes to earning money sitting at home in the world, I can say with 100% guarantee that the name of blogging will come first. Blogging is such a medium, with the help of which you can earn not thousands but lakhs of rupees every day, nowadays there is a lot of competition in blogging too, and for this also you have to work hard. Today people are earning millions from blogging, some of these examples of blogging are given below, using which millions of people are earning today.

BLOG – You can earn money even by making a simple BLOG, for this, you have to prepare a website of your own. After which you just have to publish your content, and the rest of the work will be done by itself. If you have the right content, then you do not need any SEO, just pay attention to your content. This is the most well-known word in blogging, if you have ever thought of blogging or trying, then you must know “CONTENT IS KING” in which it is clearly said that if your CONTENT is good then you will absolutely get GOOGLE RANKING.

MICRO NICHE – After BLOG, the most INCOME GENERATE NICHE is MICRO NICHE because they keep their AUDIENCE TARGET, they know how to bring AUDIENCE. So friends, if you are thinking of blogging, then you can go with a micro niche, for this, you have to do keyword research first, nothing will happen without keyword research.

NEWS WEBSITE – If you want full traffic then you can go towards LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL NEWS KEYWORD, here you will get lakhs of traffic You will get a lot of income and you will also get approval from Google News, which will increase your income even more, so if you were looking for a way by which you can earn money sitting at home, then you can create a local news website, it is very easy here.

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If it comes to making a career after blogging, then the answer of today’s youth is that we will become YOUTUBER, but it is not so easy to be successful on YouTube, but in the last few times, YouTube has come out with a new feature, in which if you all If you work, you can get success very quickly on YouTube, for this you have to make SHORT VIDEOS on YouTube,

in this, you can take any type of SHORT channel. It depends on you what you can say, what you can explain to the world, so let’s know further on which topic YouTube channel can grow quickly.


FREELANCER is such a program, with the help of which the one who wants work will get the work and the one who needs staff i.e. another person to get the work done will also get it. Let me tell you that nowadays there is an increased scope of freelancers, if you learn to freelance, then you can earn thousands sitting at home, for this you must have talent. The Freelancer platform can give you work but you cannot give it by working, You have to learn to freelance first, later you will be able to become a successful freelancer, and it has a big scope in the coming times.

Most of these things are demanded, the list is given below, if you want to do any of these courses, then tell us, and we will provide you with that course for free.

  • app design,
  • install WordPress,
  • WordPress migration,
  • personal worker,

I have given you some details in the above list, you can read it.



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