Desi Cow Assistance Scheme 2023 : A farmer family will be provided with an annual limit of Rs.900/- per month (Rs. 10800/-) per cow.

The Department of Animal Husbandry has been in existence since 1st May 1960 in Gujarat State. Which works under Agriculture and Cooperation Department of Gujarat Government.

The government is constantly striving to reduce the cost of farmers and increase the income of farmers in the state. For which various schemes, campaigns and programs are implemented. In which many schemes such as Drip Irrigation Scheme, Tractor Assistance Scheme, Assistance of Rainfed Equipment etc. are being run on iKhedoot portal.

Desi Cow

Desi Cow Support Scheme

At Ikhedut, schemes related to natural agriculture of the spirit are being worked on. Various schemes have also been implemented to increase organic farming by the farmers of the state. Organic farming means farming using cow dung and cow urine to increase crop growth and production at low cost. For which a new scheme was released in the year 2020-21 by the Government of Gujarat. In which assistance will be given for native cow.

Desi Cow Sahay Yojana – Highlights

> Name of Scheme – Desi Cow Assistance Scheme

> Objective – The scheme was implemented with the aim of encouraging the farmers of Gujarat to practice natural farming

> Beneficiaries – Farmers of Gujarat

> Amount of Assistance – An annual ceiling of Rs.900/- per month (Rs. 10800/-) will be given to the farming family towards maintenance cost per cow.

Purpose of Desi Cow Sahai Yojana

The main objective is to encourage the farmers of Gujarat to practice organic farming. Domestic cow dung and cow urine are required for organic farming. By which soil moisture storage capacity, fertility and productivity increase. For that purpose, this scheme has been implemented to increase indigenous cow conservation and increase environmental and human health through natural farming. So, support will be given to the farmer family doing completely natural farming based on native cow.

Benefit of Desi Cow Assistance Scheme

> The Animal Husbandry Department will provide assistance to the farmer doing purely natural farming based on indigenous cows. 900/- (Rs. 10800/- per annum) per month as maintenance cost per cow to the farming family.

> From the date of approval of the application, a maintenance charge of Rs.900 per month will be payable for the available period of that quarter.

> Every three months, the cow’s life, including the tagge, and the certificate that the beneficiary is doing natural agriculture must be submitted to the Gram Sevak. Based on which quarterly assistance will be provided.

> A cow for which assistance has been received and is found not to be practicing organic farming will be stopped for the next quarter of assistance.

How to apply for availing the scheme

Farmers have to apply online through the i-Khedoot portal to avail the benefits under Desi Cow Assistance Scheme. For this assistance, farmers can fill the form online from their village panchayat. If the farmers have knowledge of computers, they can do online application at home.

> First open Google and type “ikhedut”.

> Where the official website of Ikhedut has to be opened.

> Now after opening the Khedut Website click on “Plan” appearing on the home page.

> After clicking on the scheme one has to click on the other schemes number-1 “Atmani Prakriti Krishi Yojana”.

> Now a new page will open in which one has to click on “Apply” in the component “Scheme to provide assistance in maintenance cost for one cow to the farmer family engaged in desi cow based complete organic farming (2021-22)”.

> In which the details of your selected group ‘Agricultural Technology Management Agency’ will come.

> Are you a registered applicant farmer? In which if you have registered then yes and if not you have to do no.

> If the farmer has registered, after entering the Aadhaar card number and mobile number, the application has to be done by entering the Captcha Image.

> If the beneficiary has not registered on the i-khedut portal, he has to apply online by selecting ‘No’.

> After that click on ‘Click to Apply New’.

> After filling the complete information, the farmer has to click on Save application.
The application has to be confirmed after checking the details carefully. Note that once the application is confirmed, there will be no correction or increase in the Application Number.

> Farmer beneficiary can get print based on his application number after applying online.

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