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Gujarat Weather News : Gujarat Weather News Update : According to the ‘Weather Bulletin’ published by the Meteorological Department, a cyclonic circulation condition has developed over South Gujarat near the Arabian Sea, due to which the weather of Gujarat is being affected and there may be moderate to light rain with thunder in some areas . .

According to the Meteorological Department, the circumference of this circulation created over South Gujarat is 3.1 km. As a result, heavy rains may occur in some areas of South Gujarat and Saurashtra for five days.

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Gujarat Weather News Update

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See the forecast of heavy rain in which district of Gujarat?

According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, there may be moderate to heavy rains with thunder in the whole of Gujarat on July 6. Coastal districts of Saurashtra, Central Gujarat and South Gujarat may experience moderate to light rains. According to the Meteorological Department, medium to heavy rain is predicted in Surat, Dang, Tapi, Navsari, Valsad, Daman and Dadra Nagarhaveli on six dates.

As for Saurashtra, Junagadh, Amreli, Gir-Somnath, Bhavnagar and Diu may experience heavy to very heavy rain with thunder. On the other hand, there may be a reversal in the weather of central Gujarat and scattered rain may occur in Dahod, Vadodara, Panchmahal. Apart from this, the possibility of scattered rain in other districts of Gujarat has also been indicated.

Where will it rain tomorrow?

According to the bulletin published by the Meteorological Department, there may be a drastic change in the weather of the entire Gujarat on July 7. Due to change of season, there may be scattered rains in Gujarat. This will especially affect the coastal areas of South Gujarat and Saurashtra. Surat, Bharuch, Navsari, Valsad, Daman and Dadra Nagarhaveli may experience heavy to very heavy rain. On the other hand, the weather will also change in Saurashtra. Heavy to very heavy rain is forecast at some areas of Amreli, Gir-Somnath, Bhavnagar and Junagadh.

Along with this, the weather may also change in central Gujarat and chances of rain showers have been expressed in Ahmedabad, Anand, Vadodara and Chotaudepur. Union Territory of Diu, Daman and Dadra Nagarhaveli may also receive moderate to light rain. The department has said that there will be normal weather in the whole of Gujarat on 8th. However, light rain may occur over Surat, Dang, Navsari, Valsad, Daman and Dadra Nagarhaveli, Junagadh, Gir-Somnath. Also, there are chances of rain showers in Saurashtra and Kutch.

If we talk about the districts, heavy to very heavy rain with thunder may occur over Porbandar, Dwarka, Jamnagar, Rajkot, Morbi and Surendranagar areas on July 8. Apart from this, scattered rains may also occur in the districts of North Gujarat. The weather will change, especially in Banaskantha, Sabarkantha and Patan and some areas may experience heavy to very heavy rains. If we talk about central Gujarat, the possibility of rain has been expressed in the surrounding districts including Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Gandhinagar.

  • Vadodara District: Vadodara district receives rainfall forecast. The probability of rainfall in this district is highly increased during the period. It provides rainfall forecast to the district residents for agricultural programmes, kitchen hygiene restrictions and micro-medium industries.
  • Ahmedabad District: The capital of Gujarat has also given a forecast of rain in Ahmedabad district. The probability of rain in Ahmedabad district is increased throughout the year. The rainfall forecast deals with issues such as water monitoring for district residents, drainage issues, transport and tourism advisories, impact on hospitals and schools, etc.
  • Junagadh District: Junagadh district also holds an important position in terms of rainfall. In this district, the functional and management bodies of the government are brought together and capacity building is done for rain forecasting in the district.

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