Lamp Can Change Your Destiny 2023

Lamp Can Change Your Destiny 2022 :-

1. Man strives in every way to get happiness and prosperity and success in his life. It is very important to do good deeds in one’s life in order to enjoy good happiness and comforts. Astrology has shown many remedies which make human life easy and bring positivity in their life.

2. A pure ghee lamp should always be lit in your house temple. By this, the grace of Goddess and Gods is always showered on the family. The financial condition of your house will be strengthened and happiness and prosperity will come in the house.

3. If you want to please Lord Shani then you have to apply mustard oil. So it is considered beneficial to go to Shani Dev’s temple every Saturday and light Sarsia oil lamp. By doing this remedy, Shani Dev will remove all your troubles and financial condition will be strengthened.

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4. If you want to please Goddess Saraswati, you should light a two-faced lamp in front of her. If there is no two-way lamp, then the lamp should be lit by lighting two wicks in a normal lamp. But the lamp should be of pure ghee or sesame oil. Saraswati will be pleased with you and will remove all obstacles in your education.

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5. You must know that Rahu and Ketu are considered as two malefic planets. If you make Rahu and Ketu happy, it fills your house with happiness and prosperity. So you must light a linseed oil lamp in front of them. So that he will remove every bad situation that has happened to you and your family.

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