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Monsoon Essay (Gujarati, Song, Gujarati Class 9, Class 3, Class 7) | Rainy season gujarati essay PDF | Varsha rutu Nibandh in gujarati | About the rainy season Write fifteen sentences about rainy season varsha ritu vise nibandh gujarati | essay on varsha ritu in gujarati | Varsha Ritu Nibandh Gujarati ma

Varsha Rutu par Nibandh: Hello friends today we are sharing our Varsha Rutu par Nibandh. Rainy season is known as very important season in our life. If you are looking for Essay on Rainy Season through Internet then you have come to the right place today I will give you Essay on Rainy Season in Gujarati through this article.

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Monsoon Gujarat Essay 250 Words

Among all the seasons in India, the rainy season is considered to be the most important season. All over India, from the beginning of the rainy season to the heat gap or from July to September, the rainy season is considered. Rainy season is considered a pleasant season for those who suffer less from unbearable heat. With the arrival of the rainy season, the natural scenery like animals and birds brings a different kind of excitement to the mind of all. Thus all people welcome the rainy season.

In the pre-monsoon season, i.e. in the hot season, all the rivers, lakes and oceans become empty due to evaporation. As soon as the rainy season comes, it forms in the form of a cloud and again the cloud falls with the water. And along with the rains there is lightning in the sky so rains come in the rainy season so the rainy season is considered to be a season of feeling joy and happiness.
In the rainy season, bright clouds and lightning are seen in the sky and sometimes Indra Dhanush i.e. Megh Dhanushya full of seven colors is seen in the sky. When a rainbow appears in the sky, everyone climbs onto the roof to see it.

Not because the heat in India soars to 45 degrees or more, lakes dry up and animals die of thirst, but because the monsoons make everyone giddy.

Rainy Season Gujarat Essay PDF

Rainy Season After the summer ends, the rainy season comes immediately.

Rainy season means rainy season. During the rainy season, the sky is covered with dark black clouds and the ride of Meghraja arrives with the rumble of clouds and flashes of lightning and the whisper of the wind. During the rainy season, it rains heavily and the water becomes water all around while all the people in the village become happy and the children enjoy making paper boats in the water and also enjoy splashing in the water.

In the rainy season, the natural scenery is something different. And the peacocks do the art and the frogs all around make the sound of “draw … draw … draw …”. The smell of wet soil wafts around and some people even go out with umbrellas or raincoats. In the rainy season, the atmosphere gets a new freshness and a new excitement.

With the onset of the rainy season, the farmers get excited and plow and sow the fields. After a few days, a day sprouts in a field and green grass grows all around, making Mother Earth look like she is wearing a green saree. New rain water starts flowing into wells, ponds, rivers and canals in the fields.

If the rainfall is as much or more than the required amount of rain in the rainy season, it is called atirvrishti. And in these torrential rains the drains overflow and parts of the fields are washed away, crude houses collapse everywhere and the roads outside the house or outside are submerged in water and there is loss of life and property. It is also known as green drought if there is less rainfall, they do not ripen their grains. Rain fall is very less and grain does not ripen or grass does not grow, it is called “rainfall”.

Rainy season is the basis of animal life only. So all the people sing its praises and enjoy the festival of the rainy season. So monsoon is my favorite season.

10 Lines on Varsha Rutu in Gujarat

  • The onset of rainy season in the state of India is observed from the month of July to the month of September.
  • In rainy season the sky glows with brown color and Indra Dhanush i.e. Megh Dhanush is also seen.
  • Due to the arrival of rainy season, there is a lot of joy among the farmers. Farmers have been waiting for this season for a long time.
  • Wherever there is dust due to rain, it becomes clean and smells of earth.
  • Due to the rainy season, the surroundings become green as if Mother Earth is wearing a green saree.
  • Due to the inundation of rivers and lakes in the forest, cold air is diffused into the atmosphere.
  • During the rainy season, there is a different joy to watch after birds and peacocks spread their wings.
  • Due to rainfall, the water level in the ground increases.
  • Due to the coming of rains, everything becomes especially green, so new food is available for the animals to eat.
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