Morbi Tragedy CCTV

Fun turned into mourning, people were happy and suddenly the bridge fell into pieces :- Due to the collapse of a suspension bridge late in the evening in Morbi, the entire state is in mourning. In this tragedy, more than 400 people drowned in Machu river.

It has been revealed that more than 141 people including more than 25 children have died so far, while the death toll may still rise. The entire state has shaken due to the tragedy of Morbi. In such a case, the CCTV footage of the tragedy in Morbi has come to light.

  • The entire state was shaken by the tragedy of Morbi
  • CCTV footage of the Morbi disaster has surfaced
  • The bridge crumbled in a matter of seconds

Morbi Tragedy CCTV

Sunday evening proved to be a nightmare for Morbi. Over 400 people fell into the Macchu river after the suspension bridge collapsed around 6:30 pm yesterday in which 141 people have lost their lives so far and many more bodies are feared to be trapped in the Macchu river. Then the CCTV footage of the Morbi disaster has come to light. CCTV footage of the suspension bridge collapse has surfaced.

In which the bridge is seen breaking. The bridge was swaying before it broke. All the people were drowned in the river when the bridge broke. The footage clearly shows people joking on the bridge. In a matter of seconds, the bridge crumbled and people were thrown into a river one by one. Screams were heard all around.

Seeing the dead bodies, Bhalbhala trembled

The accident in Morbi… The tragedy was such that tears came to the eyes of the entire Gujarat. Seeing the dead bodies of children and women, Bhalbhala’s concern trembled, rescue has been carried out by the troops of all three wings of the army throughout the night, when Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel again called a meeting of all the officials and discussed. There is a public sentiment in the entire state that strict action needs to be taken against those responsible.

All the latest news on the Morbi disaster so far

  • Morbi hanging pool collapse tragedy: 141 confirmed dead so far
    After learning about the incident, PM Modi spoke to CM Bhupendra Patel while
  • Home Minister Amit Shah spoke to Minister of State for Home Affairs Harsh Sanghvi.
  • CM Bhupendra Patel canceled all the programs and reached Morbi, trying to carry out rescue work all night
  • Rescue operation was carried out with the help of army troops, NDRF-SDRF throughout the night
  • The central government announced a compensation of 2 lakh rupees and the state government 4 lakh rupees for the families of the deceased
  • Helpline number announced by the system: 02822 243300
  • The Chief Minister formed a 5-member high power committee, the investigation began at 2 pm.
  • Considering the tragedy, PM Modi has canceled the road show and Snehmilan programs
  • Many social and religious programs were canceled across Gujarat
  • A case was filed against the responsible under section 304,308,114

Morbi tragedy video

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