Types of Vehicle Number Plates | Know What Colors Mean

Types of Vehicle Number Plates: When we are driving, we need to see the various signs behind the car. Have you ever noticed that some cars have white, yellow or purple markings?

These are things called number plates that you see on cars. They may be white, yellow, or purple. Each color represents a different type of number plate. There are seven different types in total. Every type has a special meaning and tells us something about the car. Let’s know the different types of number plates and what they mean.

Types of vehicle number plates

There are total 7 types of vehicle number plates:

Types of number plates

As we begin our journey and scan the streets, a plethora of different colored number plates adorning various vehicles catches our attention.

Let’s explore the main types of number plates we encounter.

Yellow number plate

Yellow number plates are used only for auto-rickshaws, taxis, trucks and buses. The primary purpose of yellow number plates is usually for passenger vehicles.

Means yellow number plate is suitable for any commercial vehicle. Drivers of vehicles with yellow number plates must also have a commercial driving license.

Black number plate

We often see black number plates on highways. These plates indicate a commercial vehicle. However, it is not necessary to have a commercial vehicle driving license to drive a car with a black number plate.

You can see these number plates on rental vehicles and luxury hotel transportation vehicles.

Green number plate

Currently, we have the opportunity to see a large number of vehicles with purple number plates. However, when you see a green number plate, understand that this vehicle is an electric vehicle.

In India, it is mandatory to display a green license plate on all registered electric vehicles. Be it personal or commercial vehicles, there is a difference in the color of the letters depending on them.

All personal electric vehicles had five teeth removed and one horse was given a bridle colored number plate or self. 5LS69 is connected.

Courtesy of this scientific sophistication, the P. 6NR11 exhibits the key features of this industry.

White number plate

If a person buys a vehicle for personal use, its number plate will be white. Most vehicles have white number plates. Now let’s understand the meaning of white number plate.

When a vehicle is given a white number plate, it means that the vehicle is intended for private or personal use only.

Red number plate

If you ever see a red number plate on the roads, know that this vehicle has been recently purchased. Red number plates mean they are only temporary plates until permanent number plates are installed.

After buying a new car you have to use a red number plate until you get a permanent plate.

Blue number plate

Foreign license plates with white letters are used for reserved vehicles. The white colored license plates have letters like CC (Consular Corps), UN (United Nations), DC (Diplomatic Corps), etc. and do not have a state code. Instead, they have a country code.

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