Dual-use technologies have both federal and non-federal applications. A wide array of federal programs exist that create public-private partnerships to advance the technologies which benefit both the warfighter and the commercial sector.

The Defense Innovation Unit’s (DIU) Blue UAS program remains notable among these for the uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) industry

It enables the rapid prototyping and scaling of capable and secure commercial UAS hardware and related tech for the Department of Defense (DoD)

From Commercial to Blue Before their entry into the Blue Framework, Doodle Labs focused on designing a variety of use-case optimized form factors to support the unique requirements of almost every kind of commercial UAS application from mining, precision agriculture, construction, and indoor inspections to mapping and surveying and more.

When DIU put out the call for secure and reliable UAS radios, Doodle Labs answered. Building on the solid technological foundation of the Embedded Smart Radio, Doodle Labs developed the Helix Smart Radio.

According to Ashish Parikh, VP Business Development and head of government programs at Doodle Labs, the team had to make several significant modifications to meet the military’s requirements.

Unlike some other vendors that are focused solely on the government and defense space, we deliberately price our products so industrial and commercial customers can scale their offerings and have an impact in their own target markets,” Parikh said

We’re amazed at the new use-cases our commercial customers dream up, and we’re thrilled to support their efforts.”