After Loona's agency Blockberry Creative removed its 10th member Chuu from the K-pop group, the artist herself shared a personal note for fans on Instagram. She will be sharing another statement in the matter soon.

Loona’s Chuu reacted to being removed from K-pop group by the agency, Blockberry Creative.

It all began on November 25, when Loona’s agency Blockberry Creative announced Chuu’s split from the group citing ‘violent language and misuse of power’ toward staff as their reason

This resulted in a huge uproar from fans who began questioning the company for their sudden decision.

Later, in another statement, Blockberry Creative reasoned that their announcement wasn’t made ‘with the goal of exposing Chuu’s misuse of power to the public and media

Later, reports suggested that nine members of Loona-- HeeJin, HaSeul, YeoJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Go Won, and Olivia Hye filed injuctions seeking termination of the validity of their existing contracts with BlockBerry Creative

According to a report from Soompi, the nine members want to part ways due to a lack of trust in BlockBerryCreative to the point that it is difficult to continue work activities with the agency in future. However, later the agency claimed that the reports are not true

Loona is among the popular girl groups in South Korea. In 2016, Loona members were unveiled with a promotional single released over the next 18 months

It started off with 12 members including Chuu as its 10th artist. However, things reportedly started turning sour between Chuu and Blockberry Creative last year after she applied for a provisional injunction to end her contract with the agency

It is believed that she has set up her own company, but there’s no confirmation