Why ABCD is not written in correct order on keyboard ? know the reason?

Why ABCD is not written in the correct order on the keyboard, know the reason?: If you have looked at the keyboard while using the computer, you must have noticed that the ABCD written on it is not in the correct order. Many times you may have wondered why the keyboard buttons are not in the right order or why ABCD is written upside down.

This question usually comes to everyone’s mind when they learn typing because initially you find it very difficult to find each letter. So you’d think if they were in the right order you wouldn’t have a problem. But it is not like that. There is a special reason why ABCD is not in correct order.The keyboard that we all use is called QWERTY keyboard. This keyboard is also used in our smartphones. Neither the alphabets are in the right order in our smartphones nor in the keyboards of our computers and laptops.

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When they were put in sequence one after the other, it was found that the line had become too long and the buttons were jammed, making it very difficult to even press them. Then Christopher Scholes inspired the typewriter to give the keyboard a QWERTY keyboard. In fact, just think how difficult it would be to type on a keyboard if it was in ABCD order. Fast typing is essential on a computer and the correct sequence of ABCD reduces your typing speed. QWERTY keyboard is used for fast typing and people don’t forget to type.

How many buttons are there in the keyboard?

The keyboard has more than 110 buttons. The number of keyboard buttons depends on its type, but a keyboard usually has at least 110 buttons. Including all buttons. The buttons in the keyboard are classified in a special way.


All the letters of the alphabet are found in the keyboard. The only difference is that they are not in the correct order. In this, the alphabet is divided into three lines.

  • The topmost line is called the upper line which contains QWERTUIOP. This is the reason why it is also called QWERTY keypad.
  • The median line is called the median line in which the words are used more. It includes ASDFGHJKL. It is believed to be used more while typing, so it is placed in the middle to speed up typing.
  • The lowest line is called the lower line. Including ZXCVBNM

Apart from this some symbols also accompany them like {};’\:”|,/<>?

Numeric Keyboard

Part of the keyboard is also numeric. Numeric means all numbers from 1 to 0 and some basic math symbols. This is found at the far end of the keyboard on the right.

Function Key

At the top of the keyboard are function keys that range from F1 to F12. All these keys have different functions.

Alphanumeric key

The keyboard has an alphanumeric line above the top line, which contains numbers as well as some special symbols that are used during typing..

Scroll key

Apart from all these, the keyboard also has a set of scroll keys. It has four buttons for up, down, right, left navigation.

Special Key

Apart from all these, the keyboard also has some special keys which are used a lot.

  • Caps Lock: It is used to capitalize alphabets.
  • Shift: It is generally used to capitalize any single letter.
  • CTRL: This is called control key. It is used as a shortcut command.
  • ALT: Also called Alter Key, it is also used as a shortcut command.
  • Tab: It is used to give fixed gap in words and transfer between two tabs.
  • PG UP : It is used to go to the top of the page.
  • PG DN : It is used to go to end of page.
  • Home: It is used to jump to the top of a long document.
  • End: It is used to jump to the bottom of a long document.
  • PRT SYS REQ: Using this you can take a screenshot.

You must have got the answer why ABCD is not in correct order on the keyboard and also you will have learned a lot about the keyboard. A keyboard is an input device designed to give instructions to a computer.

If the ABCD’s were given in the correct order on the keyboard, we would not be able to type as fast as we do today because the distance between the words would have increased and typing would have required a lot of effort. Therefore, the letters to be typed and the arrangement of the buttons in the keyboard were arranged according to the QWERTY keypad.

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