YouTube Earning: How much to earn in YouTube, how many dollars to get on 1000 views

YouTube Earning: Today everyone has a smart phone. And the most used app on the phone is YouTube. Everyone, big and small, is using YouTube. You must have seen that every video on YouTube comes with ads. Have you ever thought that who will get the money from this advertisement? Who will get money from watching the ad, YouTube means Google or the video maker? Let us know the interesting information of Youtube Earning today.

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YouTube Earning

In every YouTube video you see advertisements. Have you ever thought about who might be earning from this ad? How much revenue will be generated? How much revenue will the video maker get from this? Advertising companies pay Google to advertise. In return, Google displays the advertisement in the YouTube video. Google keeps 55% of the revenue from the advertisement displayed in this video while 45% of the revenue is given to the video maker i.e. the YouTube channel owner.

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YouTube Monetization

Your channel must be monetized for earning from YouTube. For that, Google has set certain criteria. Accordingly, you must have at least 500 Subscribers in your YouTube channel and your YouTube channel must have at least 4000 hours of watch time. You can apply for YouTube Monetization only if your channel meets these criteria. After your YouTube channel is monetized, you will get 45% of the ads displayed in your videos. Get %Revenue Share

Earning is 20 to 40 dollars in 100000 views of a video in YouTube. But YouTube Earning depends on the views of the video, the content of the video and channel Subscribe.

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Google YouTube

YouTube is a service i.e. app of Google. Today, you can find any video you want on YouTube. People usually watch YouTube the most, but now people watch YouTube Shorts a lot. YouTube is mostly used by young children. Why should children who have not learned to speak yet change videos on YouTube? Add or skip? All this is possible. Children usually watch cartoon videos on their mobiles because they are free all day.

In YouTube, everyone can find videos according to their interests. From cartoons of small children to spiritual videos are also available in YouTube. People open YouTube and sit in their free time.

YouTube career

If you have innovative ideas and the ability to make good videos, YouTube is the best career. Rich YouTubers earn millions of rupees from YouTube by making good videos. You must have heard the name of a famous YouTuber like Kerry Minati who earns crores of rupees from YouTube every year. Now you can earn from YouTube short videos as well.

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