Lok Sabha Election Result 2024 | 542 Lok Sabha Election Result Live, See Who Will Form Government

Election results 2024; The Lok Sabha elections were held in seven phases while Gujarat was held on May 7, the result will be announced today i.e. June 4, 2024.

A look at the Election Results 2019

If we look at the 2019 election results, NDA won 355 seats. Out of which 305 seats were allotted to BJP. This time, looking at the exit poll statistics, NDA may lose 15 seats this time. As for Congress, UPA won 91 seats in 2019 elections. Out of which 52 seats went to Congress. Then this time 65 seats can be available. So 13 more seats can be found.

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542 Lok Sabha Election Result Live

Finally, the day which was eagerly awaited not only by the people of the country but also the world has arrived. The result of the 2024 Lok Sabha election of India, the world’s largest democracy (Election Results 2024), is going to be announced on June 4, Tuesday. SocioEducation is equipped to keep you updated with the latest updates of this high profile encounter as the climax of the thriller. All updates will be delivered live to you. Election results will be displayed in your mobile directly from the counting center.

Lok Sabha Results Gujarat 26

Party Name wins next
Bharatiya Janata Party 23 1
Indian National Congress Indian National Congress 1 0
Aam Aadmi Party 0 0

Lok Sabha Results 543

Party Name wins next
NDA 293 1
India 233 1
OTH 17 0

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