What is Google Lens? | Information about Google Lens

Let’s know the information about Google Lens in which what is Google Lens? How does it work? You will get to know about Google Lens its features, benefits etc.

Have you seen a technology where you just scan anything with a camera and you get all the information about it? Yes, you get similar features in Google Lens.

Today we will know information about Google Lens.

What is Google Lens? – Google Lens in Gujarati

  • Google Lens is a mobile app of Google through which you can capture a photo of whatever you see around you and search it in the Google search engine through Google Lens and get information about it.
  • Whatever you see in the outside world and you cannot describe it in words, you can learn about it by photographing it through Google Lens.
  • For example you went to a garden, now you see a flower, if you want to know the name of that flower, you open the Google Lens app and take a photo of that flower and then in Google Lens you will start getting information about that flower.

The launch of Google Lens

  • Google Lens was launched on 4 October 2017.

How does Google Lens work?

  • If the photo you have captured in Google Lens, firstly Google Lens will scan that photo properly and then search for that photo in its Google search engine, Google Lens will filter all photos that match that photo, what is written in it, which language. Accordingly, Google Lens will search for related photos from its search engine and try to provide specific results to the user.

In Google Lens, the user will get results related to the photos that will be available in the Google search engine.

Features of Google Lens

  • You can translate words into another language through Google Lens.
  • You can search the price of any product or other similar products by taking a photo.
  • You can directly copy the words written in a paper to your phone and then paste it to your mobile.
  • You can find the solution of any equation in mathematics.
  • You can know the name of a flower, animal, tree etc.
  • You can also scan QR codes and barcodes.
  • You can directly copy-paste your handwritten text into Google Docs.

How to use Google Lens?

  • First you need to download Google Lens from Playstore.
  • You will find the Google Lens feature in the search button in the Google Search app as well.
  • Just open Google Lens and capture the photos as you use the camera and it will
  • be searched in the Google search engine and you will see the results.

Advantages of Google Lens

  • You don’t have to type much because of Google Lens.
  • Thanks to Google Lens you don’t have to think too much, just take a photo and you will get the result.
  • If you are tired of typing in the keyboard, you can write something on paper and
  • take that text directly to mobile or computer through Google Lens.
  • Google Lens saves you a lot of time, you can scan any QR code or barcode instantly.
  • You can search what you see in Google.

Problems encountered in Google Lens

If your internet speed is low then you will see problem with google lens.
Even if the photo you scan is blurry, you will not get the desired result.


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